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Home for retirement…Own it or use it.


Owning a home in retirement, still means you have to repair the roof, pluming, electrical, etc.

This expense on a retirement income can affect your lifestyle.

There are options, email info@solutionlifestyle.org or call 1-800-519-7760 

#Retire without payments…Live free


Stay at all-inclusive 4-5 star resorts for your retirement. For free.

*Membership is a group financial trust that secures your retirement living.

Retirement is not the time for financial stress, it’s a time to live.

#RetiredAndBroke….Don’t go there


Don’t be a I know everything, it’s not my fault. 

Anything can happen, this is life. We offer tropical resort living via a membership trust platform that secures your retirement lifestyle.

*Retire to an all inclusive tropical resort without any payments.

*Get free facts. Email your questions to info@solutionlifestyle.org or call 1-800-519-7760

SunKlub International



Start planning early, and end happy !

You can be offered truckloads of advise, but in the end it’s up to you.

The fear of Living

Office Touch Wait Area

Visit after visit and finally a plan that came in on budget, they still can’t make the move to live their retirement dream.

There will be no long story to explain the problem, it’s the fear of living the dream as you think up every possible excuse not to live your dream retirement.

Don’t wait to die because you are afraid to live !!!

Living My Life.!

Living My Life !